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Instructions for Nominating Candidates for Fellows

Starting with the election of Fellows in 2006, nomination and voting will only be done electronically.

Eligibility to nominate: Any member of the Econometric Society can nominate candidates for Fellow.

(Step 1) Initiate a nomination by completing a nomination form:
The information required includes the name, position and address of the nominee; his/her service to the Econometric Society; a six-item bibliography; and a nomination statement (maximum 125 words*) that summarizes the main scientific achievements of the nominee. Note that publications in the Society journals, invited or contributed presentations at its conferences, or refereeing or assessment of papers for conferences are not regarded as service to the Society. Editorial responsibilities, conference organization, or Econometric Society committee membership are acceptable.

Note that even after you have submitted the nomination, you will be able to change the information on the form.

(Step 2) Invite endorsements: You will be instructed how to do this once you have submitted a nomination form. Not more than 10 endorsers, including the initiator, can be listed on the nomination form distributed with the ballot. If more than 10 names are received, the initiator will select the subset of names to appear on the form. If Y endorsements are received, then the phrase "plus X additional endorsements" will appear on the form, where X=Y-10.

Rules: If three or more Fellows endorse a candidate, then the candidate's name will automatically appear on the ballot of that year. Otherwise, the Nominating Committee for Fellows will vote to determine whether the candidate will appear on the ballot. Candidates who fail to win election in a given year are not carried over automatically to the next year's ballot and must be renominated by the standard procedure in order to appear on the ballot in any subsequent year. For more details see Chapter 5 in the Rules and Procedures.

Deadline: The deadline for submitting nomination endorsements is April 15,

Continue to the nomination form.

* Longer nomination statements will be accepted only for those nominees whose principal scientific writing has been published in languages other than English. Such statements should be sent by e-mail to the Secretary of the Society.

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